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Falls Self Storage was established in 2011.

In our company you can order the service of temporary storage of things, we work both with individuals and with companies.

Today this service is more and more popular, because it makes no sense to clutter up the house or office with bulky items and especially valuable things that are not used daily, especially since you can choose a more convenient place for their storage.

Since 2013, Falls Self Storage has been a member of the Individual Storage Companies Association, which addresses legal issues and protects the interests of its members, as well as developing effective measures in the development of the individual storage industry.
With us you can store:
Furniture items
Seasonal items
Sports equipment
And much more
We offer 1m2 of cubicle space for rent as you require - for a month, a year or longer. If necessary you may choose other size boxes (if available).

Company specialists will advise how to improve the conditions of your belongings storage, as well as to reduce costs. Our services allow you to free your apartment or house, room or office, cottage or garage from the items you do not need now but will need later. Thus, Falls Self Storage will provide optimal storage space for your items, without taking up yours!
This service is simple, safe and convenient!
Call or write us - we will be glad to solve the problem of storing your things. 262-875-1386

Rent a storage box
Rent a storage box

Rent a storage box
Comfortable and reliable storage boxes from Falls Self Storage is a great solution for individuals and business owners.

Accumulated property does not fit in the closet? The balcony has become a storehouse for seasonal tires? Office overflowing with old office equipment or documents? Falls Self Storage is here to help!

Lack of space is a problem that is very easy to solve with our personal storage services.

What we offer:
Individual storage boxes located in the storage facility.
Free access at all times.
Safety and responsibility.
Moving, moving and packing services.
The storage area is divided into separate zones - boxes.

The box is a fully prepared room for the storage of belongings. Its size is chosen by the client. Each box has an individual lock, the key of which is available only to the client.

Such rooms are very convenient for storage of furniture, seasonal sports equipment, various goods and just things you don't want to throw away. Services Falls Self Storage is especially advantageous to use when the accumulated property takes too much space, because the free space - it is room to live, rest and work!

Information about boxes:
The size is chosen by the customer. We offer space from 1m3.
Period of storage the customer chooses. Minimum rental period from 7 days.
Client receives a key and a lock together with boxes.
The average temperature is 18 C.
Premises are under video surveillance.
The size of the room can be changed at any time.
Round-the-clock access.
Storage boxes provide convenience and safety.
Boxes for rent are a really simple and convenient service that suits absolutely everyone. Falls Self Storage helps to organize the transportation, packing and storage of belongings in the shortest time, regardless of the amount of things. And clients get a safe storage place with personal access at any convenient time. The storage facility has convenient access and parking. Security guards, alarms and video surveillance work at the warehouse 24 hours a day.

When you leave your belongings at Falls Self Storage, you can be sure that they are well protected!

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Falls Self Storage offers to organize careful storage of household items, goods, furniture in its warehouse. Temporary storage of belongings - a service that guarantees convenience, comfort and benefit.

Falls Self Storage is a temporary storage facility, where the client chooses the area, the terms of the lease, and at the same time has constant access to the storage facility. Thus, individuals can store personal and household items, sports equipment, furniture, and companies and organizations - goods and equipment.

The minimum size of the room - from 1m3.
Minimum term - from 7 days.
Personal access with a key.
You save time, your belongings are safe.
Customer himself or with the help of Falls Self Storage specialists selects the size of the room, decides on the terms and transports his belongings to the individual storage facility located in the warehouse complex. After signing the contract the client receives a key to his/her mini-warehouse and can use it at any convenient time.


Falls Self Storage is a storage facility for storing household items for various life situations: repairs, moving, vacations, or when you have possessions that require additional storage space. The storage unit is fully equipped for the comfort and safety of stored items. The warehouse is open 7 days a week.

The usual storage of household items in the closet, on the balcony, in the garage or in the country house has many disadvantages: unnecessary things interfere with free living, inefficient and untargeted use of space brings a number of inconveniences. It is much more advantageous to use the storage space that Falls Self Storage rents out for storing household items.

Individual box storage services from Falls Self Storage will give you the comfort and enjoyment of a space that can now be used for its intended purpose. The storage space is a room of the right size that the customer can rent for any length of time. Storage in Falls Self Storage has no drawbacks and, moreover, has many advantages.


Keeping your home, cottage and garage in order promotes comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use of every item. Today, there are many ways to organize storage systems and use available furniture designs. Functional quality models will allow you to intelligently place items, depending on their delicacy and frequency of use, and keep them in good condition.

A preliminary assessment of popular designs will allow you to make the right choice of storage system. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. A large number of proposals on the market allows you to buy the right model or make it with your own hands. Today, designers recommend using the following solutions:

Built-in cabinets for children's rooms, bedrooms, corridors.
Shelves and racks made of metal, glass, chipboard.
Suspended storage on brackets, hooks and hanging shelves.
Cabinets, chests of drawers and secretaries for home and country living areas.
Drawers and baskets for small items are useful in the garage, nursery and utility rooms of the cottage.
Functional closets offer an optimal set of fittings for internal arrangement and comfortable placement of any items in the house.